VEERA SORRI (1995, Turku)

Veera Sorri is a self-taught artist based in Helsinki, Finland. She is best known for her canvas originals which use acrylic and spray paint to create enchanting and odd portraiture that juxtaposes sentiment and typography with the detailed aspects of figurative painting.

Her work is instantly recognisable, her signature use of bright colours and uncanny humour gives her pieces a surreal and vibrant edge that feels relentlessly modern and effortlessly unique. She works quickly, never starting with a clear plan, she works on the face element first before taping up and spray painting afterwards.



Kalleria 8.5. - 19.5.2024

Inspired by the season of rebirth "PRIMAVEERA," is a love letter from me to me.

It’s my tribute to growth, self-acceptance and finding serenity in solitude. I explore the conflict between acceptance and evolution as I’m trying to embrace the imperfections within myself and learn to appreciate myself and everything I do for me. The color red takes center stage in this exhibition, symbolizing passion, courage, and determination.

Each painting was created with a sense of spontaneity and daring as I experimented with new techniques and explored new visual territories, pushing the boundaries of my creativity while still remaining grounded in my artistic roots. "PRIMAVEERA" marks a pivotal moment in my artistic evolution—a rebirth of self-expression and exploration.


Made You Look is the debut show by Helm gallery and represents a substantial pairing of established artists and prominent newcomers.

The collection you see before you ranges from the iconic to the elusive, with styles clashing and harmonising wherever you look. Many of the works before you are new pieces whilst the remainder are archival, selected for their cultural relevance, striking visuals and personal appeal.

Playing on Brighton's eclectic artistic heritage Made You Look seeks to add to the city's established history at the forefront of creativity.

The first of many, this show is our ideal introduction, our presentation to you marking our style and ethos

– no boundaries, all impact.

Helm gallery 09/2023


Wrong Things was born in the midst of huge life changes and vulnerable emotions – all leading towards happier times and new beginnings. Feminine works combine big colors, feelings, and a nice touch of sassiness.

“I work with acrylic and spray paint to create my colorful paintings. I aspire to make art that is fun and never too serious but still relatable and maybe even a bit thought provoking. I think the best paintings make you look twice.”

BUD Helsinki 30.3. - 26.4.2023